Welcome to the
Occupational Health Network
The OccuNET Occupational Health Team is
administered by Board-Certified Occupational
Medicine Specialists.  They are residency
trained in Occupational Medicine and Internal
Medicine with extensive experience and
expertise in providing the highest quality of
medical care and services to our corporate
and employer community.  

Our medical directors are dual-specialized
and board-certified with  additional training
and credentials in epidemiology and
toxicology.  Credentials include certification
by the American Board of Toxicology and  
certification in Advanced Hazardous Material
Life Support (AHLS).  They are Certified
Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME),
Medical Review Officers (MROCC & AAMRO),
and NRCME-Certified Medical Examiners.  

Our medical leadership team oversees and
facilities ensuring the same level of medical
treatment and services across the network.  
The high demands placed on our partnered
health care institutions ensures the highest
quality across the network utilizing
standardized forms and protocols.  

Our model provides flexibility in the services
that you need.  If one facility cannot provide a
specific service, our medical leadership team
will locate the nearest alternate facility to
provide that service.  If you are dissatisfied
with the services provided by one of our
network partners, we can help you locate
another facility that can work with us to
provide the level of service that you need.  
You can contact us through our central phone
number, our consultation line, and by email.  
Our medical directors can work closely with
your existing on-site safety and health care
team, or we can perform a Health & Safety
Needs Assessment, and set up the facilities
and services appropriate for your needs.  

Another key advantage to our model is that
you never lose continuity.  Our OccuNET
Team stays with you over the long term,
making sure that the health and safety
initiatives that are working remain in place.  
We eliminate the need to constantly change
providers and reinvent your health & safety
programs by providing you long-term
solutions and a partnership in health.  
Medical Team of Board-Certified Specialists in
Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Occupational Health Care Services Provided at
Our Medical Centers or On-Site at Your Facilities
Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Consultations including:
  • Impartial Medical Evaluations - IME's
  • Impairment Ratings using AMA Guides
  • FMLA Consultations & Reviews
  • Health & Safety Consultations
  • Regulatory Reviews
  • Health & Safety Consultations
  • Toxicology Consultations
  • Case Management & Peer Review Services
ON-SITE Services at Employer Facilities
  • Corporate Medical Department
  • Full or Part-time Services at Your Site
  • Follow-up Injury Care
  • Rehab Services On-Site
  • Limit Lost Productivity and Associated Costs
Workers' Compensation & Injury Care
  • First Injury Evaluations at Multiple Sites
  • Follow-up by our Occupational Medicine
    Specialty Physicians
  • Case Management & Review Services
Physical Examinations
  • Employment Exams
  • Fitness-for-Duty Exams
  • Return-to-Work Exams
  • Disability Exams
  • Impairment Assessments
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
Regulated & Specialty Examinations
  • Commercial Drivers - US-DOT Examinations
    FMCSA-Certified Physicians
  • Law Enforcement / Police  Physicals MCOLES
  • Fire Fighter - NFPA
  • HAZMAT Physicals & Medical Surveillance
  • Industrial Vehicles & Equipment
Drug & Alcohol Abatement Programs
  • NIDA Testing for DOT
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • MRO Services by Certified Medical Review
    Officers (MROCC & AAMRO)
  • Substance Abuse (SAP) Referrals
Independent Medical Evaluations by Trained and
Certified IME Specialists
Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services
Functional Recovery & Work Hardening Programs
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's)
Executive & Management Physical Examinations
and Services
Safety and Health Consultations
Health & Safety Program Development
  • Accident & Injury Prevention
  • Regulatory Compliance Issues
Educational & Training Programs
  • Health & Safety
  • Worker Safety & Compliance
  • Employer & Supervisor Updates
  • Health, Wellness, & Fitness
Formal Workplace Walk-Through
  • Hazard and Safety Assessment
  • Regulatory Checklist
  • OSHA/MIOSHA Record-Keeping
  • Ergonomics Overview & Injury Prevention
  • Temporary Modified Work  and Return to Full
    Duty Planning
  • MSDS Overview
Partnering with MIOSHA & OSHA
  • Preparing for a MIOSHA Inspection
  • Getting to Know the MIOSHA CET Division and
    Avoiding the MIOSHA Inspection through
    Voluntary Compliance
  • OSHA & MIOSHA MVPP & STAR Programs
Occupational Medicine
A Specialty Service
Occupational Medicine is a specialty
area of Preventive Medicine along
with Aerospace Medicine and
General Preventive Medicine.  It is
also one of the three specialty
boards that oversee the American
Board of Medical Toxicology, along
Specialty Residency Training after
medical school and internship is
required, just as you would expect
from your other medical and surgical
specialty physicians.  Also, the
occupational medicine specialty
training is unique in that it requires
Masters Degree training in addition
to the clinical training, followed by
board certification by an ABMS
approved examination.  

Always ask if you are being treated
by a board-certified occupational
medicine physician.  Ask if the doctor
is residency training.  This assures
you training in occupational
diseases and injuries, toxicology,
ergonomics, industrial hygiene,
epidemiology, biostatistics,
population medicine, radiation
health, and exposures to chemical,
biological, and physical agents that
may alter one's well-being.  This
training distinguishes the
occupational medicine specialist
from other practitioners in the field.

You should seek a physician that
has the medical training to treat
work-related problems, with a strong
foundation in return to work
strategies that focus on safe, graded
back to work programs that minimize
lost productivity but also protect the
worker from being re-injured.  
Occupational Medicine is as much a
practice of prevention as it is of

You also need an occupational
medicine specialist who is armed
with a comprehensive knowledge
and background in regulatory
matters.  This facilitates the proper
administration of regulated
examinations such as DOT, HAZMAT
NFPA, and the like.  It also provides
you with a competent partner when
dealing with matters of health and
safety and in striving to comply with
OSHA and MIOSHA regulations and

Don't be misled by claims of
expertise.  Ask to see the credentials
of your occupational medicine

For more information regarding the
specialty of Occupational Medicine
you may access the following

American College of Occupational &
Environmental Medicine

Michigan Occupational &
Environmental Medicine Association

American Board of Preventive

American Board of Medical
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