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Occupational Health
Network Partners
Network Partners

The Occupation Health Network provides medical services at our
OHN Specialty Center.  We also partner with practice sites that
provide medical care utilizing our reporting mechanisms, policies
and procedures, and who maintain the same level of quality
standards that are required by the Network.
delivery system by partnering with health systems, medical practices,
urgent care facilities, rehabilitation programs, and specialty clinics and
hospitals capable of providing the standard of care that we promise to
deliver to our clients and their employees.  Our goal is to provide the
highest quality of care at a convenient location near our clients'

We also strive to locate facilities where we are able to provide first-
injury care, follow-up, and specialty services including surgical
referrals, imaging, and rehabilitation all at one location.  This provides
convenience to our patients and clients, and permits close monitoring
of cases with the ability to review each patient's progress with the
OccuNET requires the highest standard of care and closely examines
the credentials and training of its participating providers.

Primary Care Occupational Medicine
We seek physicians with residency training and board certification in
their area of specialty (occupational medicine, emergency medicine,
internal medicine, family medicine) for our primary care services.  We
welcome inquiries from BC/BE physicians whose practices are staffed
to provide primary care occupational medicine practice.

Specialty Care Occupational Medicine
For the full spectrum of occupational health specialty services, we
require physicians with residency training and board certification in
occupational medicine.  

Specialty Referral Network
We are always looking to expand our referral panel of specialty
practices in orthopedics, neurosurgery, hand surgery, plastic surgery,
physical medicine & rehabilitation, pain management, dermatology,
ophthalmology, psychiatry, and all of the surgical and internal medicine

Rehabilitation Services
OccuNET provides rehabilitation at its own sites and on-site at client or
employer facilities.  We also seek to partner with rehabilitation service
providers that meet the same quality measures as we expect from our
physicians including physical therapists and occupational therapists
that are certified in their area of expertise.  

As part of our goal to provide a uniform delivery of services to our
clients and their employees, we have established protocols and
standardized forms that help assure
  • Timely access to care
  • Close follow-up to assess progress and manage care
  • Same-day reporting of injury care and work status to our clients'
    human resources and personnel departments via fax or email
  • Seamless operations through participation in Network services
    including centralized client communications, scheduling, billing,
    employer liaison services, and case management and review
  • Use of standardized forms and procedures.  
OccuNET does not interfere with the delivery of care or the individual
physician's provision of medical services, but we ask that the non-
medical management of each case follows protocols that have the
best interests of our patients and our clients in mind.  
interested in providing occupational health
services with a partner that can handle the
many challenges of Occupational Medicine
practice, contact us today.

Call or Email us today and ask for:

George E. Metropoulos, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Medical Director of Network Operations
Phone:  (586) 751-0200

Occupational Health practice is faced with
additional challenges and responsibilities
on top of those that must be met in every
medical practice.  We must address the
concerns and best interests of our patients
first and foremost, but also those of the
employer, insurer, third party administrator,
case manager, safety committee, and often
union representative.  There are unique
and time-sensitive reporting requirements,
and state and federal legal requirements
that are always changing.  

Despite this and sometimes because of
these challenges, Occupational Medicine
practice can be a very fulfilling area of
medicine to practice and provides an
intriguing mixture in the types of cases that
are treated.  

The Occupational Health Network is
structured to take care of the administrative
components of the practice of occupational
medicine, allowing our networked sites to
concentrate on the highest quality of patient

The OHN addresses the corporate needs
of our employers, and provides the
procedural protocols and reporting of
health and work status to our clients, via
standardized forms used by all network
sites and available on-line through secure
Internet access.  
Let Us Partner With You As Your Corporate Medical Department ~ Our Business Is Caring For Your Business
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