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Independent Medical Consultants
  • Immediate Scheduling of Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Evaluations
  • Organize and Outline Details of Case
  • Discussion of Facts and Impressions
  • Conclusion that Concisely  Restates
  • Recommendations
  • Reports that Directly Answer the
    Questions Being Posed to Our
    Examining Physicians
Our medical specialists are board-certified and
actively practicing in their specialty with decades of
medical community who actively treat patients with
similar problems or concerns as the individuals being
referred for the Independent Medical Evaluations.  
Their experience and expertise is demonstrated in the
quality and detail of the reports generated.  

Additionally, our consulting service provides health and
safety evaluations of work sites and other
environmental sites for employers, corporations, and
individuals to assess potential health risks.  
Recommendations for interventions and abatement
are made to prevent  and mitigate health risks where
they may exist.  This includes recommendation of
additional resources, coordination of services, and
referral when indicated.  Consultations include
evaluation and assistance with regulatory compliance
where applicable.    

We recognize that our evaluations and conclusions
can weigh heavily on the decisions made in the cases
referred to us.  We are committed to providing
conclusive reports that are based on a thorough
understanding of the medical facts presented to us.  
Each of our reports is prepared by a physician with
specialty training and experience in treating the
medical condition(s) being evaluated.  The medical,
scientific, and health & safety literature is thoroughly
reviewed, where applicable, for any changes in the
body of literature impacting the evaluation and
conclusions.  Our examiners have extensive training
and certification in the performance of independent
medical evaluations.  Opinions are fact-based and
Health & Safety Consultations
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Ergonomics Evaluations
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Job-site Evaluations
  • Occupational Therapists
Formal Workplace Walk-Through
  • Hazard and Safety Assessment
  • Regulatory Checklist
  • OSHA/MIOSHA Record-Keeping
  • Ergonomics Overview & Injury Prevention
  • Temporary Modified Work  and Return to
    Full Duty Planning
  • MSDS Overview
Partnering with MIOSHA & OSHA
  • Preparing for a MIOSHA Inspection
  • Getting to Know the MIOSHA CET Division
    and Avoiding the MIOSHA Inspection
    through Voluntary Compliance

Our IME Team includes physicians trained and
experienced in performing Impairment Ratings using
the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides to
Permanent Impairment.  We are trained and provide
ratings under the 4th, 5th, and 6th editions of the AMA
Guides, depending on the requested guidelines and
jurisdiction.  Our team maintains Certification by the
American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.  

The "AMA Guides" allow for the performance of
standardized measurement and quantified rating of an
individual's impairment level.  The measures used allow
for consistency between examiners and between
examinations creating the ability to determine
progress  in physical abilities and impairment of the
patient, whether demonstrating  improvement or

The AMA Guides are a recognized set of evaluation
tools utilized by physicians and requested by insurance
companies and attorneys.  The Guides have been
codified into the workers' compensation laws of
several U. S. States and Canadian Provinces, and
multiple U.S. federal departments including the
Department of Labor, Department of Energy, United
State Postal Service, and other compensation
programs.  The measurement techniques and
standards are applicable to examinations under the
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.     
  • Health & Safety
  • Worker Safety & Compliance
  • Employer & Supervisor Updates
  • Health, Wellness, & Fitness
Environmental Assessments
  • Indoor Environmental Assessments and the
    "Sick Building Syndrome"
  • Evaluations of Disease and Symptom
  • Review of Specific Chemical and Biological
Incident Response & Exposure
  • HAZMAT Situations
  • Accidental Spills and Emissions
  • Confined Space Exposures
  • Material Safety and Hazard Review

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