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Let Us Partner With You As Your Corporate Medical Department ~ Our Business Is Caring For Your Business
Clinical Services
The OccuNET consultants meet with the client to
determine your employees' health care needs and
system of health care services.  We examine the
effectiveness of your current delivery.  
We examine your employee health care costs,
injury rates, OSHA logs, and their effects on lost
productivity and its influence on your bottom line.

We meet with your human resources team and review
your personnel policies with regard to restricted duty,
return-to-work strategies, and vocational rehabilitation.

We assess your overall need for Health Care
Services, Employee Wellness & Disease Prevention,
recommendations.  We then incorporate the care and
programs that you decide are appropriate for your
employees and company.  employees and company.  
Partnership with the Employer Human
Resources Team

Our medical team would like to partner with your
compensation insurance and third party administrator
to coordinate the care of your injured employees.  We
strive to provide the following components to a
Comprehensive Injury Care Program:  

  • Open Channels of Communication between our
    Medical Team and Your HR Team
  • Case Reviews and Conferences on a regular basis
  • Injury Prevention Strategies by performing a Root-
    Cause Analysis for each injury  to identify the
    mechanism of injury and incorporate preventive
    interventions and engineering changes with your
    safety and ergonomics team
  • Coordination of care through the management of
    referrals, therapy, and testing to ensure timely
    appointments, reporting, and follow-up
  • Regular follow up with our Occupational Medicine
    specialty referral and who determine the need for
    restrictions and ability to work based on review of
    consultant opinions, direct examination, and
    knowledge of the workplace, essential job duties,
    and each employer's restricted work programs.  
  • Statistical Outcomes Review and Reporting
  • Review of open cases, injury rates, patterns of lost
    work and restricted work time with analysis to
    determine interventions to decrease the incidence
    and duration  of cases
  • Early identification of "red flags" or cautionary signs
    of a case not progressing as expected with timely
  • Consultation on Contested Cases assessing loss
    runs, reserves, and providing your HR, Risk
    Management, and Legal departments with a
    medical perspective when reviewing open and
    contested cases.

Our experience in injury care and prevention has been
that a coordinated effort between the employer and the
medical team is key to providing maximal care in
workers' compensation cases and in total disability
management programs.  The benefits in creating a
comprehensive team approach to care can be
substantial with a multi-fold return on investment in
terms of patient safety and health, productivity, and
overall money saved in direct and indirect workers'
compensation expenditures.  
Physical Examinations
  • Employment Physicals
  • Commercial Driver - DOT & DOE Physicals
  • Police Physicals in compliance with MCOLES
  • Fire Fighter & HAZMAT Team Physicals in
    accordance with NFPA and State & OSHA
  • Coast Guard and Seafarers Examinations
  • Return-to-Work Physicals
  • Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations
  • Impairment and Disability Examinations
Injury Care
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Network of Providers and Sites
  • On-Site Care & Mobile Medical Services
  • First Injury Care
  • Follow-up Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • On-Site Therapy Services
  • Job-site Evaluations & Coaching
  • Back-to-Work Programs & Work Hardening
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

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Let Us Partner With You As Your Corporate Medical Department ~ Our Business Is Caring For Your Business